Tuesday 1 March 2011

Drone feat. Cx - Autumn Blossom

"Slightly" delayed SUBSTANCE 004 is finally here.

This time each track deserves it's own image and brief description by author :]
Small, dreamy track based on loop I created after returning from Tundra back in 2009.
Pure and positive emotions.
01. tundra impressions [04:59]
Some day cx came along and we checked out some loops he brang along. One of them was so awesome, that I turned it into this track in a few next days.
We decided to dedicate it to our yearly festival at Gaizins. It's early version was already published here few years ago, but this one might be final.
02. tune up your summer [06:04]
This piece I actually dreamed while listening to Deep Mix Moscow Radio. In my dream it started off with these weird, beautiful pads, followed unfortunally by some boring 4/4 rythm.
When I woke up, it turned out that radio was hung up, but music was still playing in my head, so I ran to my computer trying to recreate these sounds. Naturally, I chose to do entirely different bassline and percussions.
03. autumn blossom [06:20]
This one started out as an experiment. Being still quite a big fan of very few rock performers, I wondered what will happen if I'll try more rock-like approach to track's sounds and structure.
Somehow I liked very much what came out of it. It was havily refactored later to sound bassy and more similar to other stuff in this release. Today it's still one of my most favorite creations.
04. addicted to life [05:47]
all-in-one zip

All photos taken by drone at Koknese, 2010.

Mastering: STUDIO 5128.

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