Wednesday 10 July 2013

2013-09-07: Collision @ club Depo

On 7th of September the event called “Collision” will take place in Club DEPO.

There will be 2 scenes: main scene Trance with special guest from Finland Peetu S (, and Techno scene in small hall, with special guest from France: Black Reaktion ( with Live performance.

Entrance: 3 Ls or 2 Ls if you share the event on Facebook


Trance area:
Peetu S (FI)
Dj Goldberg [TranceAtlantic Flight]
Tester [Trance.LV / Sphere]
Overdose [Trance.LV]
ESC & SHI [Sphere]

Techno area:
Black Reaktion [Induseism Sound System] (FR)
Drone []
SC [Ritmika]
Xeno(Morph) [NoName promo]
Oxid []

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