Sunday 30 November 2008

2008-12-12: Electrodrama Skywatcher

Some nice event is coming up this December at new Dirty Deal Cafe featuring two guests from UK - Max Duley and Plant43 and also some great local artists like Selffish, DJ Brain, Cliché, DJ Monsta (a.k.a. Monster) and others..

Read more at (in Latvian).

Entrance: 5 Ls

  • --Dance Floor--
  • Plant43 [live](ai records, UK
  • Max Duley ( UK
  • Metaphor (
  • Rimi (ritmika)
  • Drone (
  • Arturs F (
  • --Chill Floor--
  • Selffish (Thinner, Native State, Thoughtless)
  • DJ Monsta (Re:Retro, NiMo, Gustavo)
  • Brain & Cliche (
  • Cafe2 (parastate)
  • Wickis (
  • Elvndots (
  • Max Voitech (V:S)
  • Gaffa (V:S)


  1. I'm happy to inform you that all the sets were recorded successfully and will most likely be available for download here soon.

    As for now, you can get Max Duley's set from his own website here:

    And also mix by Cafe2 here: