Friday 2 March 2007

2007-03-02: Royal Club Night @ Club Rumbina, Lielvarde

Frixdance' 3 years Birthday party @ club Rumbina, Lielvarde.

Entrance: LVL 3.00/3.50, Free CDs for the first 50 guests. Face control.

  • Franzo Da Beat
  • Dakko
  • Skorpions
  • Dj Anss
  • Dj Kai Fx
+ VJ Rach

UPDATE: I had the honer of replacing Dj Kai Fx and luckily my set was recorded.
You can download it here - drone - royal club night [46:50]


  1. DJ Kai-FX got sick, drone will probably play instead.

  2. Well, I didn't know about this event much earlier.

    Also I didn't know, that I get to play instead of Dj Kai-Fx.. wich was something..

    Combination of Flu and hot tea made me play like crazy, jumping around, sweating on mixer (sorry, Scorp) and spinning some of the hardest techno records I've got.. :]