Saturday 18 March 2006

Drone - Invisible

Four nice, simple tracks. No additional description here.. just listen. Any criticism/suggesions would be appreciated..

all-in-one zip


  1. Respect! "Invisible" and "Carefull" are my favourite ones, would definately play this EP on event! :) Drumin' & dreaming... Take care.

  2. Yeah, those two are actually the latest ones..

    other two are pretty old, just tooned up a bit lately.

    Actually, while listening to them again and again, I feel like "careful" should definitely have some more work on it.

    It just takes too much time to get them sound at least acceptable, while I don't have any "studio" monitors nor "Pierre Cardain" headphones..

    I hope to get some of this stuff soon..

    Thanks a lot for moral support ;]

  3. I like "Invisible". Specialy the last part of the track very classical! Save one LP for me;)

  4. Actually everything is more/less ok with these tracks, except that bass guitar in "sunset, ocean and landed sapceship" seems disturbingly "off key" to me, maybe it's freaky and cute, but i think with more polished melody and compressed bassline this track would get better.

    Well "careful" is more emotional with such a sad & dreamy synth arpegiations and feelings.. Still listening.